Shipping to CTDI


We would like to remind OnePlus Customers that in order to submit a device for repair, they need to contact the Manufacturer — for contact details, visit Support We cannot accept a device for repair directly without it being reported via the Manufacturer’s hotline.


Automatic courier procurement

After a device is submitted for repair via the OnePlus website Support courier services will be procured automatically. Acceptance of the submission will be confirmed in an email sent to the address provided in the submission, containing the consignment note number. The UPS courier will arrive within 3 days.

The customer may also provide the device to the UPS access point within 30 days of receiving the e-mail with the consignment note number. The location of the nearest access point can be found at (in  menu LOCATIONS).

How should I package the device?

When sending a device for repair, please make sure to package it in a manner protecting it against damage during transport. We recommend securing the device with at least two layers of bubble wrap and packaging it in a rigid cardboard box. Particular attention should be paid to securing the touchscreen. The device should be placed in the cardboard box so that it cannot move inside it.

IMPORTANT! Please do not package devices in excessively large cardboard boxes. The difference between the device size and the box size should not exceed 5 cm on each side. If the device is sent in an excessively large box, not justified by the size of the device, the repair service can charge the Customer for additional transport costs.

What should I bear in mind before handing the device over for repair?

Before handing hardware over for repair, please make sure that you have carried out all necessary preparations. In particular, make sure to:

  • create a backup copy of all data, including photographs, recordings, ringtones, address book, software, applications and remove them from the device; any data left on the device will be lost during the repair; the repair service and the Manufacturer are not responsible for their loss (according to the provisions included in the warranty terms and conditions),
  • write down the telephone’s IMEI number (a 15-digit ID number printed on the rating label inside the telephone or available after dialing the following code: *#06#) — it will be needed to obtain information about the repair status on the CTDI website: OnePlus
  • perform tasks aimed at protecting your privacy — especially by removing all private data, photographs as well as cards and markings which enable electronic payments via the phone,
  • remove the SIM card — the repair service verifies the device using test cards,
  • remove all additional accessories, such as cases, pendants, protective film or tempered glass.
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