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Limited access to the CTDI Poland building

01 April 2020
Dear Sirs
Due to the epidemiological threat, from now until further notice the access to the CTDI Poland building is allowed only for CTDI Poland employees and is forbidden for third parties. This prohibition does not apply to security employees, cleaning company, representatives of the building owner, managing the property and transport companies.
We would like to remind you that employees of transport companies are required to comply with the following preventive measures:
  • Only one person unpacking the car may stay at the ramp.
  • Couriers do not enter the building.
  • The courier must be protected with a mask and protective gloves.
Unpacking / loading / collecting packages without the required protection will be impossible.
Employees of the other companies mentioned in this information are subject to the same rules and regulations regarding preventive measures as CTDI Poland employees.
At the same time, we kindly ask all companies cooperating with us whose Employees have visited our office or had contact with our Employees in the last 2 weeks to inform us in the event of coronavirus being detected in any of their Employees.
Thank you for understanding and following the preventive measures described.
CTDI Poland

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